Top 5 reasons for using sea freight shipping for import/export in Slovenia

According to the statistical data submitted by international logistics forums, more than 90% of international trade is carried out through sea freight shipping.

Sea Transport is the most reliable method for international trade. According to the statistical data submitted by international logistics forums, more than 90% of international trade is carried out through sea freight shipping. Like the rest of the world, sea transport is a popular logistics method for anyone who wants to export or import oversized, bulky cargo in Slovenia. The Luka Koper Port (Port of Koper) in Slovenia serves as a strategic position in the heart of Europe and a major hub of sea transport for the movement of bulky cargo to and from Slovenia. Around 80% of the freight forwarding companies in Slovenia use sea freight shipping to move their cargo internationally. There’re many reasons why freight transportation companies in Slovenia prefer sea transport over other alternative options (like air, road, and rail transportation), such as:

1.     Cost-Effective

Sea Transport is far much cheaper than other transportation methods. Sea freight shipping offers the most competitive freight rates for shippers who want to transport their shipments over long distances. According to an estimate, the cost of shipping a 60000 pounds freight through sea transport is four to six times less than other alternative transportation methods. In this light of statistics like this one, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that sea freight shipping is the cheapest international shipping solution.

2.     Guaranteed Capacity and Efficiency

Regardless of the size of your shipment, sea freight can easily accommodate all your ordinary and extraordinary shipping needs. Smaller shipments can be transported in the form of LCL (Less Than Container Load), while larger shipments can be moved through FCL (Full Container Load).

Difference between FCL and LCL

FCL and LCL are two major shipping options available when your ship your cargo via sea transport. FCL means Full Container Load, which involves shipping a full container loaded with goods from a single shipper. You choose this shipping method if your goods can occupy the whole space of a container.

On the other hand, LCL is a sea transport shipping method that involves sharing container space with shipments belonging to more than one shippers.

3.     Best Option for the Transportation of Oversize, heavy, and bulky cargo

If you have a large volume of goods or bulky, oversized cargo to transport internationally, sea transport can get the job done for you without any logistics problems. Sea freight shipping can easily handle breakbulk or NIT (Not in Trailer) loads, such as large vehicles, boats, equipment, and construction materials.

4.     High Safety Level

While transporting your goods via sea freight shipping, you won’t have any safety concerns as the ships are well-equipped to handle all types of shipments, whether it’s hazardous or dangerous. Sea freight shipping companies ensure compliance with international safety rules and regulations to protect the vessel, crew, cargo, and environment during the shipping process.

5.     Safe for Environment

Sea transport is far much safe for the environment as compared to other logistics methods like air, road, and rail. Ships have tremendously lower carbon footprints than trucks and rail, and therefore, sea freight shipping is considered the most carbon-efficient mode of transportation.